Cream scones with cherries, cranberries and walnuts


too much

Please, never support circuses that use animals.
11 Facts about Circus Animal Abuse
Animals in Entertainment: Circuses
Ringling Bros. Infographic
Finally got to see @plantthefuture gallery at #artwalk last night, it was beautiful and inspiring!
I made scones but everyone thinks they’re too expensive for $3.

1. You don’t realize how delicious they are because you have no clue what they are.
2. They have REAL vanilla beans, walnuts, dried cherries & cranberries; EXPENSIVE & GOOD QUALITY items!
3. You’re all cheap bastards :c 
4. They’re HUGE tho, c’mon!

I’ll be eating them on my own.
What a brat
C h u y

How beautiful college essays are made.


You know what they say about guys with flashy cars? Gotta compensate somehow :]

Lol I like this guys comic series
Baby got me a Silpat, Lavender and Vanilla beans! Thanks baby :)
Long day but I came out with an A :) my final grade was a B tho. I always steal the bread tho
My school has a family of alley cats and look at the mom eating fucking BONES! they feed off the students trash….
There’s never a decent picture with her
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