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the future is now
Yummy ceviche

Cream scones with cherries, cranberries and walnuts


too much

Please, never support circuses that use animals.
11 Facts about Circus Animal Abuse
Animals in Entertainment: Circuses
Ringling Bros. Infographic
Finally got to see @plantthefuture gallery at #artwalk last night, it was beautiful and inspiring!
I made scones but everyone thinks they’re too expensive for $3.

1. You don’t realize how delicious they are because you have no clue what they are.
2. They have REAL vanilla beans, walnuts, dried cherries & cranberries; EXPENSIVE & GOOD QUALITY items!
3. You’re all cheap bastards :c 
4. They’re HUGE tho, c’mon!

I’ll be eating them on my own.
What a brat
C h u y

How beautiful college essays are made.


You know what they say about guys with flashy cars? Gotta compensate somehow :]

Lol I like this guys comic series
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